Day 59: Aug 30 Saskatchewan

Medicine Hat is located on the South Saskatchewan River. Known as “The Gas City” for it’s huge natural gas reserves.

* * *

From the journal: “Woke up an hour earlier as we had turned our clocks back. It was probably 5-6 degrees. No frost. We were on the road by 7:30am. Lots of clouds in the sky. It threatened to rain but held off. Passed the salt mine outside of Moose Jaw. Got up to 800 meters. Didn’t realize how high the prairies were. Highest spot since we left the Rockies. 

Made it to Medicine Hat. We didn’t realize until we stepped out of the motor home that it was really warm. We got our summer back. Walked around. Found another mall and walked through it. Had a drink at Tim Hortons. Thought we might go to the movies, but not really anything we wanted to see. Came back to the motor home. Read for a bit. Had a sponge bath. Went for dinner at Tony Roma’s. Shorts weather again. Nice evening.”

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