Day 61: Sept 1 British Columbia

From the journal: “Woke up to another beautiful day. Last day! I don’t want to go home, but I want to. I have enjoyed the time travelling in our little motor home. I haven’t enjoyed the feeling of always being on the go. This country of ours is beautiful, friendly, welcoming, thoughtful and BIG! ThereContinue reading “Day 61: Sept 1 British Columbia”

Day 58: Aug 29 Saskatchewan

Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, and the commercial center of southern Saskatchewan. Known as the “Queen City”. * * * From the journal: “Woke up to sunshine again. It makes everything seem better. Our ritual for morning – go pee; brush teeth (sometimes hair), wash face sometimes and have peanut butter sandwiches. On theContinue reading “Day 58: Aug 29 Saskatchewan”

Day 52: Aug 23 Ontario

Timmins is in northeastern Ontario, and serves as a regional service and distribution center for the mining industry. Shania Twain was born in Timmins. * * * From Cheryl’s journal: “Something was banging all night from the wind. Couldn’t figure it out. Marcel checked the vent and said it’s still secure. It was pretty coldContinue reading “Day 52: Aug 23 Ontario”