Day 9: July 10 Ontario

Sault Ste Marie has a population of 73,000 (2016 census).  The two cities of Sault Ste Marie–one Canadian, one US–used to be one, until the War of 1812 established the international boundary between them at the St Mary’s River. The two cities are joined by a bridge. Shipping traffic uses either the American Soo Locks,Continue reading “Day 9: July 10 Ontario”

Day 8: July 9 Ontario

Ontario is just east of Manitoba, and located in Central Canada. It has 38 percent of Canada’s population, is home to both Ottawa–Canada’s capital–and Toronto, Ontario’s capital and most populous city. The province is also separated into Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. Most of the arable land and population is in Southern Ontario. Ontario isContinue reading “Day 8: July 9 Ontario”

Day 5-7: July 7-9 Manitoba

Manitoba is just east of Saskatchewan, and is the longitudinal center of Canada. It’s population is estimated at 1.37 million. It’s capital and largest city is Winnipeg. Portage la Prairie is 75 kms west of Winnipeg, and sits on the Assiniboine River. If you google up Portage you’ll see the same coke can image thatContinue reading “Day 5-7: July 7-9 Manitoba”

Day 5: July 7 Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan–land of 100,000 lakes–has a population of about 1.1 million (2020 census). Along with Alberta it is landlocked. The capital is Regina.  I have fond memories of Moose Jaw, where I essentially began my Air Force career, after training in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Saskatoon was founded as a Temperance colony in 1882, and hasContinue reading “Day 5: July 7 Saskatchewan”

Day 1: July 3 British Columbia

What we drove We are driving a 1988 5.7L V8 Chevy Vanguard Class “C”  motor home. This 10,000 lbs monster comes fully loaded with fridge, stove/oven, toilet, kitchen and bathroom sinks. We usually sleep downstairs, but there is a huge bed upstairs which we mainly used for storage for this trip. We still have theContinue reading “Day 1: July 3 British Columbia”

Getting started … thx Mom!

In 2019 my partner Cheryl and I paid about $1700 CAN (so about $50 US) to inspect and repair our old 1988 Vanguard–really really old as it turns out, most certainly an antique–C-class motor home, with a Cross-Canada trip from Princeton BC all the way out to St. John’s NFLD and back again on our minds.  We’dContinue reading “Getting started … thx Mom!”