Day 41: Aug 12 Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is another of the Atlantic provinces. It is the smallest province by land area and population. Its primary industry is farming. It’s capital is Charlottetown. * * * From the journal: “Got up not too early enroute to the ferry to PEI, at Pictou. Got there about 10:30 and the ferry leftContinue reading “Day 41: Aug 12 Prince Edward Island”

Day 38: Aug 9 Nova Scotia

The inhabitants of Peggy’s Cove still fish for lobster, although today the dominant industry is tourism built around the Peggys Point Lighthouse. Swissair Flight 111 crashed just 8 kms from shore in 1998. The cove became one of the staging areas for the search and rescue response, crash recovery operation, and investigation of the crash.Continue reading “Day 38: Aug 9 Nova Scotia”