Day 47: Aug 18 Prince Edward Island

North Cape is at the northwestern-most extreme of Prince Edward Island. During the summer, Irish moss is commercially harvested from the shores around. * * * From the journal: “Left to explore the most western side of PEI. I could tell Marcel was done. He kept steering me to the shortest route instead of alongContinue reading “Day 47: Aug 18 Prince Edward Island”

Day 45: Aug 16 Prince Edward Island

Cavendish is famous for being the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the writer of Anne of Green Gables. It is also the largest seasonal resort area on Prince Edward Island. * * * From the journal: “Left the campground around 10. Didn’t have very far to go to the next campground. We stopped for aContinue reading “Day 45: Aug 16 Prince Edward Island”

Day 44: Aug 15 Prince Edward Island

From the journal: “Got up to another beautiful day. Did 2 loads of laundry. Went for a walk through the back countryside. Red dirt road. I’m sure it would be mud if it rained.Took some pictures of the rolling hills and Campbells Pond. Walked into New Glasgow. Saw a butterfly house and went inside. ButterfliesContinue reading “Day 44: Aug 15 Prince Edward Island”

Day 43: Aug 14 Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown is the site of the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, the “Birthplace of Confederation”. It’s population as of 2016 is 36,000. * * * From Cheryl’s journal: “Went downtown Charlottetown via bus this morning. Lots of gift shops and restaurants. Have a nice waterfront area with a big 2019 sign. Sat on chairs and watchedContinue reading “Day 43: Aug 14 Prince Edward Island”

Day 42: Aug 13 Prince Edward Island

From Cheryl’s journal: “I drove into Charlottetown and got there about 9:00 am. We needed a few groceries so went into Walmart to pick them up. Didn’t have quite what we wanted. Thought to pick up a new blind as the old one didn’t roll up very easily anymore. They had this paper one thatContinue reading “Day 42: Aug 13 Prince Edward Island”