Day 51: Aug 22 Quebec

From the journal: “Drove out of Quebec City and out of the clouds. Turned into a nice day. Drove along Route 40 until we reached Louisville and turned north on the 348. A lot of farmland, corn and something else that looked like potatoes, but I don’t believe they were. A lot of the farm houses still had antennas – no satellite dishes. Rolling hills. Larger coniferous trees here – 40-50’ high. As we got further north there were more lakes and more campgrounds than I thought there would be. 150km between gas stations. St. Come was a nice little resort town with a beautiful lake. 5 different ski hills in the area. Hope they are good skiers here or you’d learn fast. Stayed at Walmart in Val D’or (City of Gold). Looks to be a mining town.”

The residents of Val-d’Or, “Valley of Gold”, don’t just mine gold anymore. Copper, zinc, and lead have become just as important.

Day 50: Aug 21 Quebec

From the journal: “Had thought that we would catch the ferry out of Riviere-Du-Loup to St. Simeon and travel north, but upon looking, not many campgrounds, no Walmarts and not many communities. Figured we’d have trouble finding gas as well, so we decided to take the ferry and stay along the south shore. Woke up to a beautiful day. Fridge worked last night, although not well. We turned our clocks back, so we gained an hour. Didn’t need to rush out of the parking lot. Got to the ferry terminal at 8:15. Missed the first ferry by half an hour. Next one is 11:15. Marcel wanted to walk into town. I don’t like to leave once in a lineup, especially not knowing when they want us to board. Also says to be there 90 minutes prior to departure. Not enough french to ask someone. Different procedures for this ferry. You get on and pay at the till on the boat. $123.00 for a 2 hour ride. Very rustic boat. Cafeteria was old style. You had to sit and order your food. The food was ick – not very tasty. Not many seats to sit at. Sat outside for a while but it was too cold with the wind. Someone was smart and brought a blanket. They loaded us so we were the first to get off. One deck of cars, but had a side deck that was very steep. Saw one of the cars front wheels slipping. Glad I was not up there. No rain so far although it looks like it might. The north shore reminds me of Vancouver Island as we approached. Almost mountains!”

From the journal: “We headed towards Quebec City. If I haven’t mentioned it before at every city, town, village there is always a huge church with towering spires, if not two churches.

Thought to stay at Beauport Municipal Campground. We both needed showers. They were full. Lucky only a few kms away there was another. Showers felt so good. Not sure when the last one was?? Definitely beer time! The rain started about an hour out, so no fridge. Tried the electrical setting, hmm it worked. Had an all out thunder and lightning storm.”

Day 49: Aug 20 New Brunswick

From the journal: “Officially on our way home. Went out for breakfast (the second time since we started our trip) at the Pur and Simple. Huge menu. Ms. GPS took us again through scenic residential areas to get out of Saint John. Got onto the 102 Hwy and headed north along the St. John River. Blue water, not like down south where it was more brown. Not a lot to see. Went past Gagetown where the army base was supposed to be, but the base actually was further along, closer to Oromocto (Fredericton).  Lots of farms and rolling hills and trees. Reminds me a lot going along the Island Hwy on Vancouver Island. Got onto the #2 – Marcel has had enough of the rough roads. Stopped at Woodstock for lunch and carried on. Saw a few trees where the leaves are just starting to change colour.”

Edmundston, with a population of 16,000 as of 2016, was named after Sir Edmund Walker Head, who was Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick and shortly afterward Governor-General of Canada.

“Decided to camp and started looking for ones close to Edmunston. Found one but when we got to the site, it was closed, so again we decided to go to Walmart. Really need a campground. Someone’s starting to smell. This Walmart was very popular with the RV’s as there were more than 15 of us and 3 semi-trucks. A beautiful warm night. Too bad we weren’t by the river.”

Day 48: Aug 19 New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks, also called Flowerpots Rocks, are a world famous rock formation at Hopewell Cape. Due to the extreme tidal range of the Bay of Fundy they are covered twice a day. However it is possible to view the formations at low tide.

If you google up Hopewell Rocks you get the images below.

* * *

From Cheryl’s journal: “Beautiful sunrise form the Walmart parking lot. On our way by 8:30. Stopped at Hopewell Cape and walked down to the “teapot” rocks. Nice walkway through the forest and then stairs down to the beach. The fog had rolled in a bit to give a little seamist. Still could see a fair ways. I went down onto the beach as Marcel couldn’t handle the crowds. There was a free tour and it was very interesting. Wish I could have stayed for the whole thing. Because of the shape “funnel” and the resonance and the perfect length makes the highest tides. As one high tide starts to go out the next tide is already coming in and because it has more force, it pushes the outgoing tide back in. Slack tide is like 9 seconds. If you had a large barrel under the Niagara Falls, and it took 21 days to fill it up – this is the same amount of water that comes in on one tide. These are some of the things that I learned on the tour.”

“Lovers Rock is 2 rocks holding each other up and looks like they are kissing. “Bear” rock beside it used to be joined but in 1980, the rocks fell away becoming separated. The Bear is standing up on its hind legs.  The river is also called Chocolate River.”

Saint John is a seaport city on the Bay of Fundy. It is the oldest incorporated city in Canada.

“Had sandwiches in Alma just before the National Park “Fundy”. The fog started rolling in harder and there was not much that we could see. Headed inland and the sun came out. Forested area, mostly conifers with some deciduous. Made our way to St. John. Thought to go to a campground on a spit just outside of Saint John. Drove one way and came to an overhead that said 3.2m and no motor homes, so we turned around. We took the ferry across to Quispamsis and started on the lower road. Came to a sign that said 2.6m max bridge. Took the first right and headed across the peninsula. Stopped and talked to the road crew at a market and they advised us that we could get to the Crystal Beach campground this way. The bridge was at Bayswater. So on we went. Came to Crystal Beach and no campground. Should have been suspicious. When I called it said “that line was not approved to receive incoming calls.” No fear, there was another one. On we went. The road took us right into the ferry line up.  Saw the campsite, it looked full, so onto the ferry we went. Decided to go to the Walmart. Ms. GPS took us on the scenic route again through residential areas. Came across a huge pulp and paper and tissue plant. The Reversing Falls. It was too foggy to see anything. By the time we got to the Walmart it was 3:30. Foggy. Seamist! And the fridge didn’t work. Time for a beer. Went to Eastside Marios. Delicious.”

Day 47: Aug 18 Prince Edward Island

North Cape is at the northwestern-most extreme of Prince Edward Island. During the summer, Irish moss is commercially harvested from the shores around.

* * *

From the journal: “Left to explore the most western side of PEI. I could tell Marcel was done. He kept steering me to the shortest route instead of along the coast and then complained there was nothing to see. Got up as far as Tignish and he wanted to turn around. We had lunch in a parking lot. When I showed him how close we were to the North Cape, he agreed to go there. Finally, I saw a lighthouse. Most northern tip on the west side. I had thought to spend another night on PEI so I could grab some “cordial” (a raspberry drink) to share with the girls. Not to happen. Marcel wanted off the Island. So by 2:00 we were driving off PEI onto the Confederation Bridge and New Brunswick. The north part of PEI, even though there were potato farms and corn farms had more trees than other parts of PEI. Some of the houses were mansions – huge! Got to Dieppe, NB around 3:00. I need to go back to PEI. Felt very much at home. PEI and NFLD are favourites.”

Day 46: Aug 17 Prince Edward Island

From the journal: “Got up and leisurely got ready to go to our next campground. Looking forward to it as it was on the beach. Visited Anne of Green Gables Park. I know nothing about Anne or Montgomery (the author). The place made me feel as if I went back in time to an enchanted place. The walk in the Haunted Woods was fabulous. Felt like it could be haunted at night. No wonder Montgomery had so much inspiration from this place. The rolling hills, the house, barn, lovers lane. I was quite moved. Even had a Starbucks! Went to our campsite about 11:30. Too early. So off to the beach, made sandwiches – hung out watching people on the beach. Finally 2:00 came around and headed back to our campsite. Fabulous, other than the bathrooms were too far away. Went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean! Surprised at how warm it was. A beautiful day. Not windy, a bit of clouds. Threw the ball around with Marcel. Came back to the camper after having a free shower. Beer time! Gahan, a local brewery. Very good. Dinner and hung out. Tomorrow it feels like we’re starting to head home.”

Day 45: Aug 16 Prince Edward Island

Cavendish is famous for being the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the writer of Anne of Green Gables. It is also the largest seasonal resort area on Prince Edward Island.

* * *

From the journal: “Left the campground around 10. Didn’t have very far to go to the next campground. We stopped for a bit of grocery shopping and beer in North Rustico. On to Cavendish! We went down to the Cavendish beach and walked along the dunes. Very picturesque. At our campsite at Sunset Campgrounds there were lots of shops and restaurants. Had a “beavertail”. Nice, but very sweet.  Went to our campsite around 1:30. Nice facilities – huge campground. Went for a nice swim at the pool and Marcel and I played with a beach ball. Had a shower. Nice, hot, clean and free. What could be better. Finally able to cook tonight, we had a stirfry. Hung out and read and played games. Nice night.”

Day 44: Aug 15 Prince Edward Island

From the journal: “Got up to another beautiful day. Did 2 loads of laundry. Went for a walk through the back countryside. Red dirt road. I’m sure it would be mud if it rained.Took some pictures of the rolling hills and Campbells Pond. Walked into New Glasgow. Saw a butterfly house and went inside. Butterflies sure liked Marcel’s hat. They had a Garden of Hope that we didn’t go in as we had no cash. We weren’t really expecting any type of tourist attractions here. Went to the New Glasgow Preservation Co. They had a restaurant and a shop full of all types of preserves that they made in-house. Today they were making BBQ Sauce. Stopped for a homemade ice cream cone. I had apple cinnamon and Marcel had peaches ‘n cream. Delicious. Walked back home on the highway. The clouds were getting darker and darker. Thought for sure we would get rained on, but it blew away and the rest of the day was nice. Hung out at the campsite after such a nice long walk.”

Day 43: Aug 14 Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown is the site of the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, the “Birthplace of Confederation”. It’s population as of 2016 is 36,000.

* * *

From Cheryl’s journal: “Went downtown Charlottetown via bus this morning. Lots of gift shops and restaurants. Have a nice waterfront area with a big 2019 sign. Sat on chairs and watched the sailboats sail by. There were some people actually catching mackerel off the wharf. Watched a small motorboat take out 4 or 5 sailing dinghies attached to it. The kids sailing these must have been about 6-8 years old. Looked like they were having a blast. We had chai tea at one restaurant on the street. Then went to another for fish and chips. Have to say Duke on Duckworth’s was still the best, although the fries were really good.”

“Went back to Walmart about 2 pm and left for New Glasgow Highlands Campground. Here for 2 days. Nice private wooded large lots. Have a pool and much needed laundry facilities – only 7 panties  left. Had so much for lunch neither of us were hungry for dinner so just had some chips.”

Day 42: Aug 13 Prince Edward Island

From Cheryl’s journal: “I drove into Charlottetown and got there about 9:00 am. We needed a few groceries so went into Walmart to pick them up. Didn’t have quite what we wanted. Thought to pick up a new blind as the old one didn’t roll up very easily anymore. They had this paper one that I picked up for $8.00, but knew it wouldn’t work when I opened it. They had a home depot beside Walmart and checked there. They had one they could cut to size. After 3 attempts we finally got the right size. Now it’s 10:30. Decided to go across to the mall and check it out. Not much of any interest although they had a lot of stores. Got some groceries at Atlantic Superstore and came back to the motorhome after checking the bus schedule to go downtown. By now Marcel needed to rest so waited ½ hour or so and went to Sobeys for the rest of our groceries.”

“Had lunch at Wendy’s. Marcel didn’t want to go downtown. He’d heard they had the exhibition “Old Home Week” going on and thought it would be too busy. Hung out at the motor home. Went for dinner at Montana’s. Was looking forward to it. However, the worst experience at a restaurant I had in a long time. Waited half an hour for our seat even though “only a few minutes for a patio table that they would be opening up soon”. At the table we sat quite a while before a waiter came along. Ordered a craft beer and a rum special. 10 minutes later Marcel’s rum was delivered, but I was told they were out of the craft beer. So I said I would have one like Marcel’s. Waited, and waited. After a while I went to the bathroom and found our waiter and asked about the drink. Was told it would be “right out”. Still nothing. Our food came and still no drink. I told another waiter and another 5 minutes before the drink came. Gave me the excuse that the bartender was backed up. The ribs were cold. The Potatoes were hot and so were the baked beans. When I was in the washroom, one door locked and one had no toilet paper and the other one had a roll that kept falling onto the floor. After a while it became a bad comedy. I was pretty disappointed.”