Day 54: Aug 25 Ontario

From the journal: “A very early cold morning. Pumped out and left our campground. For the first part of the morning we would go through patches of fog and then the sun would come out. Got gas in Marathon. Looked familiar as we had done the same on our way out. As we got around Rossport, Lake Superior took on a very pretty teal blue. Surprised me as I thought it would be a dark blue. Turned out to be a very nice day. A lot of construction on this road, especially the bridges, but the road is smooth for the most part. Arrived in Thunder Bay and pulled into one Walmart and decided to find another. The one on Memorial is the largest we’ve seen. Lots of things around Walmart. Went to Kelsey’s for dinner. Walked for an hour. A large mall. The wind picked up and was chilly when we went to bed but it felt like it warmed up during the night. Had to open a window. Had a rain shower around 6 am but it stopped after 15-20 minutes.”

This place billed itself as the “Smallest Canadian Tire in Canada”. We drove by it twice on our trip but cannot remember it’s location. Googling it up doesn’t help either. Perhaps an astute reader can help us with this one.

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