Day 50: Aug 21 Quebec

From the journal: “Had thought that we would catch the ferry out of Riviere-Du-Loup to St. Simeon and travel north, but upon looking, not many campgrounds, no Walmarts and not many communities. Figured we’d have trouble finding gas as well, so we decided to take the ferry and stay along the south shore. Woke up to a beautiful day. Fridge worked last night, although not well. We turned our clocks back, so we gained an hour. Didn’t need to rush out of the parking lot. Got to the ferry terminal at 8:15. Missed the first ferry by half an hour. Next one is 11:15. Marcel wanted to walk into town. I don’t like to leave once in a lineup, especially not knowing when they want us to board. Also says to be there 90 minutes prior to departure. Not enough french to ask someone. Different procedures for this ferry. You get on and pay at the till on the boat. $123.00 for a 2 hour ride. Very rustic boat. Cafeteria was old style. You had to sit and order your food. The food was ick – not very tasty. Not many seats to sit at. Sat outside for a while but it was too cold with the wind. Someone was smart and brought a blanket. They loaded us so we were the first to get off. One deck of cars, but had a side deck that was very steep. Saw one of the cars front wheels slipping. Glad I was not up there. No rain so far although it looks like it might. The north shore reminds me of Vancouver Island as we approached. Almost mountains!”

From the journal: “We headed towards Quebec City. If I haven’t mentioned it before at every city, town, village there is always a huge church with towering spires, if not two churches.

Thought to stay at Beauport Municipal Campground. We both needed showers. They were full. Lucky only a few kms away there was another. Showers felt so good. Not sure when the last one was?? Definitely beer time! The rain started about an hour out, so no fridge. Tried the electrical setting, hmm it worked. Had an all out thunder and lightning storm.”

Published by Marcel

Diagnosed Huntington's Disease positive 2012. Diagnosed as Vegan 2014.

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