Day 42: Aug 13 Prince Edward Island

From Cheryl’s journal: “I drove into Charlottetown and got there about 9:00 am. We needed a few groceries so went into Walmart to pick them up. Didn’t have quite what we wanted. Thought to pick up a new blind as the old one didn’t roll up very easily anymore. They had this paper one that I picked up for $8.00, but knew it wouldn’t work when I opened it. They had a home depot beside Walmart and checked there. They had one they could cut to size. After 3 attempts we finally got the right size. Now it’s 10:30. Decided to go across to the mall and check it out. Not much of any interest although they had a lot of stores. Got some groceries at Atlantic Superstore and came back to the motorhome after checking the bus schedule to go downtown. By now Marcel needed to rest so waited ½ hour or so and went to Sobeys for the rest of our groceries.”

“Had lunch at Wendy’s. Marcel didn’t want to go downtown. He’d heard they had the exhibition “Old Home Week” going on and thought it would be too busy. Hung out at the motor home. Went for dinner at Montana’s. Was looking forward to it. However, the worst experience at a restaurant I had in a long time. Waited half an hour for our seat even though “only a few minutes for a patio table that they would be opening up soon”. At the table we sat quite a while before a waiter came along. Ordered a craft beer and a rum special. 10 minutes later Marcel’s rum was delivered, but I was told they were out of the craft beer. So I said I would have one like Marcel’s. Waited, and waited. After a while I went to the bathroom and found our waiter and asked about the drink. Was told it would be “right out”. Still nothing. Our food came and still no drink. I told another waiter and another 5 minutes before the drink came. Gave me the excuse that the bartender was backed up. The ribs were cold. The Potatoes were hot and so were the baked beans. When I was in the washroom, one door locked and one had no toilet paper and the other one had a roll that kept falling onto the floor. After a while it became a bad comedy. I was pretty disappointed.”

Published by Marcel

Diagnosed Huntington's Disease positive 2012. Diagnosed as Vegan 2014.

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