Day 17: July 19 Quebec

Perce’s famous rock was first named Isle Percee, Pierced Island, by Samuel de Champlain in 1603.

Started as a seasonal fishing center, Perce soon became the most important fishing post on the Gaspe Peninsula.

* * *

July 18 Camped at an incredible location, literally step out of our camper to look at this amazing landmark, Perce Rock.

From the journal: “Tonight we are staying just outside Perce. It is the most eastern shore of the Gaspe Peninsula. Perce was busy with people walking when we went through the town.

It is good to have a shower again. Did our laundry too. Will stay here tomorrow too.”

If you google up Perce you get the image below!

July 18 Still wandering around the magnificent Perce.

July 19 Still wandering around the magnificent Perce, awestruck. Got loot too.

From Cheryl’s journal: “Woke up around 4 am to take in a beautiful sunrise. Of course, went back to bed. We decided to walk into town and check it out. I’m sure it’s one of the highest ratio per capita for restaurants. A definite tourist town. The main industry early on was the cod fishery. The main employer held forty buildings at one point and a lot are still standing. Used to be the vacation spot for celebrities and rich people who would arrive via steamer.”

“They have quite a long beach area, although like many ocean beaches there was a  lot of seaweed on the beach. We were able to walk up onto the hill facing the Perce Rocher (rock) and took many pictures. If you Google up Quebec, you are sure to see this as one of the highlights to visit. The town itself is really well kept and the sidewalks were full of people. We walked home for lunch. Did a bit more laundry. Watched the view for hours. Decided to go back into town for dinner.  Had a seafood pot. Not a lot of food, but there were large pieces of lobster in it. We just had to go for ice cream. Now I’m full! Came home just in time for another thunderstorm (#5).”

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