Getting started … thx Mom!

In 2019 my partner Cheryl and I paid about $1700 CAN (so about $50 US) to inspect and repair our old 1988 Vanguard–really really old as it turns out, most certainly an antique–C-class motor home, with a Cross-Canada trip from Princeton BC all the way out to St. John’s NFLD and back again on our minds. 

We’d been camping with our 27-footer for about three years straight after acquiring it cheap from a dear aunt, so we knew the systems worked, and how they worked. We were also reasonably good with our GPS unit, without which the trip would not have been possible.

Our GPS was the true hero of trip. It has lists of Walmarts (and other businesses) for any given city, so just pick one in a location you like–for example, downtown or not–and just follow the visual or audio prompt. The hardest part to learn at the beginning was how much is 150 meters, versus 300 meters, outside on the road in front of you, but you become experts pretty quick.

I got my Huntington’s Disease– 44 CAG repeats–from my father, who passed away precisely fifteen years after the onset of the disease. His onset began at 45 years old, same as me. So even though every single Huntington’s Disease patient has a different set of symptoms, and lives with a different progression rate, to my mind a betting person would bet that I’m going to die at 60, like my father.

Even though I have a much better diet than my father, and hit the gym to exercise and weight train, I might live to see 62, but not 65. That’s just practical. Having a “best-before” date is also helpful in allowing us to get on with the meaningful stuff before it’s too late.

Cheryl and I celebrated my 52nd birthday at Matane QC on the south shore of the mighty St Laurence, on a very unlikely but very meaningful Cross Canada trip.

Mom decided to support us financially for the trip, and with my Huntington’s Disease symptoms slowly getting worse we figured that time window for doing this sort of constant driving in possibly stressful situations was running out.

It was now or never.

A selfie on the beach in Stephenville NFLD, July 31.

Marita Fiebiger. Mom was generous with her financial help. You can’t thank parents enough, so thanks again Mom!

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Diagnosed Huntington's Disease positive 2012. Diagnosed as Vegan 2014.

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