Day 2-4: July 4-6 Alberta

Alberta is just east of British Columbia, with a population of 4 million (2016 census). It is one of two provinces of Canada that are landlocked.

While Edmonton is the capital, both Calgary and Edmonton have over 1 million population.

I have fond memories of Edmonton, where I spent three years in school as a child, from 1977-1979. We lived primarily in Millwoods, which they were literally building all around us from the 12th Ave area outward.

Known as the “Gateway to the North” the city is a staging area for oil-sands operations and mining operations in the Northwest Territories.

* * *

From Cheryl’s journal: “After waking up to showers we began the drive to Edmonton. Lot of trails I’d like to come back to–Heidi, you free? Marcel’s not able to go on slippery, wet walks anymore. We did stop at one pullout needing to go pee. I headed for the forested area, there I could see a trail. I headed down–after going pee of course–and could hear the rushing of water. As I got close I could see the river cut through solid rock. There was an overhead embankment that I inched out on. It was a good thousand feet down, we had just climbed up it in our motor home. I could see the water down in the valley that the river was spewing over and down through the rocks. Fabulous find!”

From the journal: “The Columbia Icefields has gotten a lot smaller since I was there in the late sixties. As a child I remember being able to walk on the glacier from the side of the road. Still, the rivers around this area with the glacial hue are striking. We stopped at Jasper and walked around for a bit, but it was raining so we continued on.”

After frolicking for a bit (see above photos) we spent the rest of the day driving to Edmonton. We spent a couple of days there visiting with Aunt Irene, who sold us the motor home, and who’d also visited my Mom lots in BC.

Aunt Irene.

Cheryl with that “damn that was some nice pizza” look.

From the journal: “We got to Edmonton late afternoon and spent the night and a day with Irene. Wonderful to see her. She looks great and really happy and self assured. Met her boyfriend Frank, and had a salmon dinner with him, along with playing RummiKub.

After saying goodbye to Irene in the morning we got out on the #16 hwy. Got past Sherwood–half-hour away–before I realized I had forgotten my purse. Damn! All the way back into Edmonton. Good thing Irene had not left for her bike ride yet. After hugs–again–we headed east–again!

Leaving Alberta heading east to Sask. So far the RV is performing well. We are getting used to the GPS as well, without which the trip would have been much more difficult/stressful.

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