Day 5-7: July 7-9 Manitoba

Manitoba is just east of Saskatchewan, and is the longitudinal center of Canada. It’s population is estimated at 1.37 million. It’s capital and largest city is Winnipeg.

Portage la Prairie is 75 kms west of Winnipeg, and sits on the Assiniboine River. If you google up Portage you’ll see the same coke can image that we took for this trip.

* * *

We made it to Portage La Prairie on Jul 7th still, but then we spent a couple of days visiting with Cheryl’s relatives at Ste Anne, just north of Steinbach.

From Cheryl’s journal: “Had left over pizza for lunch and made it to Portage La Prairie for dinner and had hamburgers. Now Marcel is on a mission to find a sani-dump. Over to A&W to look for one on the internet. Found one. Will try to dump tomorrow. Difference between Saskatchewan and Manitoba is pretty stark if you look at the GPS. You can see small lakes everywhere on the Manitoba side, although from the road it looks the same. Lots of wind on the road today, especially around Big Quill Lake, an international bird sanctuary.

Filled the propane tank thinking that would help, as the fridge had stopped working, though we hadn’t used very much propane. Next, if that doesn’t work, we’re hoping we just need to charge the batteries.”

The giant coke can–what Portage is famous for.

Jean and Rick.

From the journal: “We arrived at Auntie Jeans on Monday and stayed the night. A very nice visit. She has a lovely mobile in a huge park. She and Rick showed us around and they have a large community centre with a pool. She made us chicken sandwiches and we took them out for dinner. In the afternoon as we were sitting on the deck a huge thunderstorm rolled in. It rolled on for hours. Aunt Jean told us that Rick had dementia. We could tell as he kept asking Marcel if he followed any sports. Marcel was a good sport and responded as if it was the first time asked.

We realized the fridge stopped working. I put our freezer packs in Jean’s freezer. She was good enough to give us a cooler so we could keep our food from spoiling. We also washed our clothes and put them out on the line. Got them in before the storm. Winnipeg is the middle of the continent.”

We head straight east to Kenora ON on Jul 9.

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