Day 5: July 7 Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan–land of 100,000 lakes–has a population of about 1.1 million (2020 census). Along with Alberta it is landlocked. The capital is Regina. 

I have fond memories of Moose Jaw, where I essentially began my Air Force career, after training in Ontario and Nova Scotia. 

Saskatoon was founded as a Temperance colony in 1882, and has a current population of 330,000 (2019 census).

* * *

We spent a whole day leaving Alberta, taking the #16 south to Saskatoon, where we stopped at a Walmart for the night.

Well known to RVers, Walmart loves campers! We began navigating from Walmart to Walmart at this point; free overnight camping, washrooms, and an awesome store to pick up supplies in. And almost every town has at least one.

From the journal: “Most of the day we spent with Irene was mild with showers. When we left we left the rain behind too. Took most of the day before the sun poked out from behind the clouds and warmed us up. Found our first Walmart–for overnight parking–in Saskatoon. Parked and had dinner. Went for a walk and went to bed. Along day of driving.”

These were mostly the view on the #16.

Parked at a Walmart in Saskatoon. From the journal: “This morning another warmer day and the sun was out. Went to Cora’s for breakfast. Had a crepe that was filled with fruit and custard, yum! Got away again by 8 am. Throughout the day we filled up more often instead of waiting until 1/4 tank or so. Marcel was worried that we wouldn’t find a gas station. Once it was $34 to fill up. Suppose better safe than sorry. The rest of Saskatchewan was pretty much the same as the first half. Flat! Although on the #16 I found there to be more green and a few trees to look at.

Leaving Sask now, we were able to make it to Portage La Prairie MAN still on the Jul 7, after another long day driving.

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