Day 9: July 10 Ontario

Sault Ste Marie has a population of 73,000 (2016 census). 

The two cities of Sault Ste Marie–one Canadian, one US–used to be one, until the War of 1812 established the international boundary between them at the St Mary’s River. The two cities are joined by a bridge.

Shipping traffic uses either the American Soo Locks, or the Canadian Sault Ste Marie Canal.

* * *

We hit the Lake Nipigon area July 10. We are realizing just how long it took us just to get to the Ontario border; it seems like the vast majority of the trip is still ahead of us, after traveling for a week now.

From the journal: “A rainy cloudy day. We could see lots of lakes. Stop outside Nipigon and we took pictures from a lookout of Lake Superior. Pretty much was all we saw of that lake.”

The Lake Nipigon area July 10.

Just another typical day in Ontario, here at the Sault St Marie Walmart; we seemed to bring bad weather with us. Here our fourth thunderstorm hit us!

An excerpt from Cheryl’s journal: “We were excited the next day as our route to Sault St Marie was to take us along Lake Superior. However, the fog came in and stayed all day, so we saw very little. Very disappointed.”

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